About us

About us

What do you need to know about us? 

The Comms Depot Team are a specialist VoIP or Cloud provider with over 15 years of experience within the Telecommunications sector – and that’s the Companies age, not combined experience of the staff as other sites claim to bolster the experience and credibility. With our longevity within the industry, we have been able to narrow down the necessary features, reliability and ease of use that most businesses crave.

Telecommunications is an extremely fast moving industry and difficult to keep up to speed with the new innovations, even for us! So hopefully we are able to take away the pain and confusion and offer clear and concise and free information. Our aim in this sector to to provide a quality service with all the “bells and whistles” at an affordable cost to you, our valued clients, with us taking out the leg work!

As the Comms Depot is part of a larger group of telecommunication companies (The IKONIX Telecoms Group) we decided to offer the dedicated Cloud or VoIP provision without cluttering up the offer with additional products. Clearly, our colleagues in the family group are available to support us in providing expert information and support on other services such as Business Mobiles, Fleet Vehicle trackers, Utilities & IT.

The cutting edge Polestar platform is a leading performing solution which is supplied, deployed and supported throughout the UK by the Comms Depot team.  

Our experience comes from a wealth of knowledge spread throughout the team with each member spending many years working on an array of different products, telephone systems and utilising a range of UK suppliers, so this way we know that the products deployed and supported by us are first class business grade systems that are easy to use, reliable and within the budget range that you feel comfortable with.


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More about us – Skills & Expertise

With our own in-house technical team being specially trained experts, we are confident of delivering our clients a reliable and highly responsive service.

For nearly two decades, we have helped our customers become more dynamic, productive, secure and future proof, through innovative IT solutions for business problems. Whether your company needs help with IT infrastructure, flexible and reliable hardware or expert technical consultancy – We offer tailor-made IT support solutions to help your business continue to grow and thrive in this modern world.


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We also understand that too much choice can lead to confusion, especially if telecoms isn’t your main interest – so without limiting your choice, we make recommendations – simple. 

The Polestar platform is fully compliant with a range of certified handsets – both 3rd Party (another brand of IP Phones) but not all. Most handsets are built to last and so you may wish to retain a handset that you have been using for a period of time and have got used to the functionality.

If this is the path that you would like to take, even if its just a temporary decision until you are happy to switch to the Polestar, simply ask one of our experts if your VoIP handset model is on the certified list. 

The reason is simple – without going through a strict security process, we cannot guarantee full functionality and customer satisfaction.

The Polestar handset family covers every eventuality with minor changes in individual models, so our tech Guru’s at Comms Deport have narrowed this down to two basic models which we believe will cover the vast majority of requirements with an executive model – CD924-e and standard desk phone, the CD912-g.